About Us

  • 1995 - 1998

    The Esys Corporation

    MessagingDirect has a strong background in communications, starting off by developing and commercializing the first IMAP email client and server in 1995 as The Esys Corporation.

    The ESYS Corporation wins \’Best of Class\’ Award at Internet Commerce Expo

  • 1998 - 2000


    Following this, in 1998 the product strategy was changed to focus on customer communications and we re-purposed and re-branded the software as M-Bill and M-Statement under a new company called MessagingDirect Ltd which supported advanced email creation, delivery, storage, and delivery tracking. At that time the products were well ahead of the market and we ended up spending our time educating and evangelizing on the benefits of electronic communications.

    MessagingDirect Named Finalist in Best \’End-To-End E-Commerce Solution\’ Category at IDG\’s ICe 2000

  • 2000 - 2006

    ACI WorldWide

    In 2000 MessagingDirect was acquired by ACI WorldWide (through parent TSA) and continued to advance the customer communications products with a focus on the financial industry. With ACI WorldWide, the product was re-branded to e-Courier and successfully deployed into banks, financial service providers, and print and mail facilities around the world.

    TSA acquires EBPP firm MessagingDirect

  • 2006 - 2017

    Planet Group, Inc.

    In 2006 the e-Courier business unit was acquired by Planet Group, Inc. and once again, the product was re-branded – this time as CORE360. With Planet Group we focused on expanding the use of CORE360 in our customer base.

    Planet Group Inc. Acquires e-Courier™ and WorkPoint® from ACI Worldwide

  • 2017 - 2019


    In 2017 the CORE360 business unit was purchased from Planet Group as a management buy-out, and at that time MessagingDirect Ltd was incorporated, returning to our original name and focus as a customer communications company. MessagingDirect acquired the entire CORE360 business from Planet Group including the software, customer agreements, and all employees.

    As MessagingDirect, our entire company focus and experience is in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) market, providing solutions to large enterprises that ensure they communicate effectively, efficiently, and reliably with their customer base.

  • 2019

    MessagingDirect, a Doxim Company

    In March 2019, MessagingDirect was acquired by Doxim, the leading customer communications and engagement technology provider serving financial and regulated markets. As a messaging technology pioneer with a strong background in secure customer communications and a 25 year-history of innovating to serve the evolving needs of the financial services industry, MDL witnessed firsthand the convergence of many technologies in the customer communications space. Our merger with Doxim, the creator of the leading customer communications and engagement platform, is a logical step in MDL’s history of growth. Please learn more in the official announcement.

  • We’re trailblazers, innovators, and developers. Born in the mid-1990s as a small software development team bringing digital communications to remote northern communities around the world, we provided clients with reliable, responsive communications. Introducing the concept of giving customers a single view into their communications from any location or computer in the world, we forged on, blazing a trail that included an email server and centrally managed customer profiles, preferences, and authentication.

    In 1998, once we discovered that the industry was broader than mere person-to-person email, that clients needed secure, reliable, and scalable digital communications, we took everything we’d developed and learned and enhanced. Now our product allowed clients to take raw data from back-end systems, format it into content that was suitable for email delivery and web presentment and deliver these messages to their customers. On the cutting edge of the industry, even then, we foresaw the need for privacy and security, making our software with military grade encryption and digital signature support to protect messages both stored and delivered to customers.

    With financial service providers and banks as our primary clientele at that time, our software development was guided by their needs, leading us to create secure, scalable, and reliable software that can process up to one billion documents annually. Today, MessagingDirect is a team of experts in customer communication software and leaders in research and development, continually innovating our product to anticipate the market’s demands.

Our Team

  • Mark has over 30 years of experience working in the technology field, starting as a software developer/consultant and growing through more senior positions up to his current role as President and CEO of MessagingDirect. Prior to this, Mark worked for Planet Group, Inc. as business owner for the CORE360 product. Mark has worked in management, consulting, and software development roles through his career, primarily in technologies focused on corporate electronic document processing frameworks, internet email, security, and database technologies. Mark has his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

  • Bob manages business development for MessagingDirect and is a business executive with over 30 years of executive management experience with international industry leading companies, including First Data, American Express, CSG Systems, and DocuLynx.  Diverse responsibilities have included operations, engineering, product development, sales, client service and business development.

  • John-Paul is the Chief Architect for the CORE360 product suite. He has over 25 years of experience in software development, research, technology and Internet standards. John-Paul has been working on the CORE360 product (and its predecessors) for the last 23 years. Throughout that time, he has maintained a role as architect – initially for individual components and working up to overseeing architecture for the full product suite. Over the last 10 years, John-Paul has architected the transition of the CORE360 product from using C and PHP for application services to implementing full J2EE application services, supporting three EJB containers (JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic). John-Paul has his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

  • Dave is responsible for planning and managing all aspects of CORE360 product testing. Based on his varied experience working through every role in development, consulting, support, product testing, and IT management with this group for the last 20 years, Dave has become an expert in all aspects of the product. He is a key resource to assist in any type of problem resolution or task which requires broad knowledge of the product and how it can be implemented. Dave has his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

  • Brent manages 7×24 worldwide product support for CORE360 customers. Brent started work with our product in March, 2000 as a product consultant, focused on the implementation of our email infrastructure products and moving to the deployment of solutions based on CORE360 as our product focus changed. Brent has been managing CORE360 support since May, 2006. Prior working with the CORE360 product team, Brent worked with Suncor Energy Services as an Instrumentation and Control Design technologist. Brent has his diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology and diploma in Programming Object Oriented Software Technology from the University of Alberta.

  • Lori Kettel is a lead Java developer on the CORE360 team and has been involved in the design, development, and maintenance of many new CORE360 components that are developed in Java. Lori started her career at the University of Saskatchewan, working for 6 years as a research associate and programmer/analyst. She has expert knowledge with over 18 years of experience in developing Java, Hibernate, EJB, Web Services, applications that run consistently in several EJB containers, including IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and JBoss (the last 12 with MessagingDirect). Lori has her Master of Science in Computer Science.

  • Leon is a senior CORE360 product consultant with over 12 years of experience with MessagingDirect working directly with customers to assist with planning deployment of CORE360 in their environment, and working with the customer to assist with integration and custom development, provide training, oversee the deployment activities associated with implementing CORE360, and assist with customer support. Prior to working with MessagingDirect, Leon worked for 3 years as a Network Analyst for a national internet service provider / cable company. Leon has his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.