About Us

MessagingDirect has a strong background in communications, starting off by developing and commercializing the first IMAP email client and server in 1995 as The Esys Corporation.

The ESYS Corporation wins ‘Best of Class’ Award at Internet Commerce Expo

Following this, in 1998 the product strategy was changed to focus on customer communications and we re-purposed and re-branded the software as M-Bill and M-Statement under a new company called MessagingDirect Ltd which supported advanced email creation, delivery, storage, and delivery tracking. At that time the products were well ahead of the market and we ended up spending our time educating and evangelizing on the benefits of electronic communications.

MessagingDirect Named Finalist in Best ‘End-To-End E-Commerce Solution’ Category at IDG’s ICe 2000

In 2000 MessagingDirect was acquired by ACI Worldwide (through parent TSA) and continued to advance the customer communications products with a focus on the financial industry. With ACI WorldWide, the product was re-branded to e-Courier and successfully deployed into banks, financial service providers, and print and mail facilities around the world.

TSA acquires EBPP firm MessagingDirect

In 2006 the e-Courier business unit was acquired by Planet Group, Inc. and once again, the product was re-branded – this time as CORE360. With Planet Group we focused on expanding the use of CORE360 in our customer base.

Planet Group Inc. Acquires e-Courier™ and WorkPoint® from ACI Worldwide

In 2017 the CORE360 business unit was purchased from Planet Group as a management buy-out, and at that time MessagingDirect Ltd was incorporated, returning to our original name and focus as a customer communications company. MessagingDirect acquired the entire CORE360 business from Planet Group including the software, customer agreements, and all employees.

As MessagingDirect, our entire company focus and experience is in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) market, providing solutions to large enterprises that ensure they communicate effectively, efficiently, and reliably with their customer base.

History of MessagingDirect